Ruah Pulmonary Ventilator

RUAH ICU Lung Ventilator

Lung ventilator for adult and pediatric care.

Invasive mechanical ventilation (IM) and non-invasive ventilation (NIV).

9 ventilation modes

Advanced ventilator with 10.4″ touch screen display with 3 simultaneous curves on the screen (tidal volume, flow and pressure) and advanced technical and physiological alarm system.

Safety and efficiency for all levels of ventilation complexity.


– AC-VCV – volume controlled assisted ventilation;

– AC-PCV – pressure controlled assisted-controlled ventilation;

– V-SIMV – volume controlled intermittent synchronized mandatory ventilation;

– P-SIMV – synchronized pressure controlled intermittent mandatory ventilation;

– PSV – pressure support ventilation;

– CPAP – continuous positive airway pressure ventilation;

– APRV – pressure relieving ventilation.

– PRVC – pressure regulated volume controlled ventilation (advanced mode);

– IPPV – intermittent positive pressure ventilation (advanced mode);