About LU700 & 710

Technical Especification

About LU700 & 710: The Leltek Ultrasound Imaging System (Model: LU700 & 710) is a software-based imaging system and accessories intended for use by qualified physicians and
healthcare professionals who has the ability to conduct ultrasound scan process for evaluation by ultrasound imaging system or fluid flow analysis of the human body.

The device is intended for use where healthcare is provided by trained healthcare professionals.

System architecture:

-12-bit ADC with sample rate 50 MHz;

-32 channel ADC system;

-Adjustable FPS design;

-Battery operating time up to 4 hours, charge time 3~4 hours;

-Wireless (Wi-Fi) transmission;

-Wired (USB3.0) support¹

*1 Research use only

Image Modes:

-(Dual) B mode;

-M mode;

-Color Doppler²;

-Power Doppler²;

-Pulsed Wave²;

* 2 Optional

Mobile Platform:

-Works with Android / iOS tablets or phones.


-Parameter tuning:




-Image Enhancement; 

-Dynamic Range;
-Gray Map 1 Research use only 2 Optional;
-Freeze Timer;
-Color PRF;
-Color Gain;
-Steering Angle
-Color Wall Filter;
-Color Threshold;
-PW Angle;
-PW Gate;
-PW Baseline;
-PW Reverse;
-PW Gain;
-PW Wall Filter
-Body Mark
-Image Export:
-Data Storage:
-Local export
-DICOM Worklist and Store
-Measurement Tool :